carolyn fauteaux, executive studio assistant

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With interests in art, design and business, Carolyn combines creative energy and useful insights that enhance daily work flow operations.


Originally from Langhorne, Pa., I attended Kutztown University, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts. I spent the next 12 years living in the city of Philadelphia – it is here that I bought my first house, met my husband and doubled down on being a die-hard sports fan.

Whether in an office or studio environment, my approach is always meticulous attention to detail and the belief that thoughtful engagement helps a team grow stronger. My happy place lies somewhere between a quiet corner where I am working behind the scenes (preferably in Quickbooks) to collaborating on big-picture ideas that make for smooth-running operations. Organization is a legit stress reliever and I enjoy playing my part in keeping positivity at a high level, professionally and personally.

I spend my free time painting, gardening, doting on our hound rescue and listening to “True Crime” podcasts.

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