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Beyù Caffè

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Beyù Caffè is a unique, Durham-based business—equal parts coffee shop, destination restaurant, hip downtown bar, and live jazz venue. Situated in the heart of historic Downtown Durham and immersed in a thriving nightlife scene as well as steady workday foot traffic, Beyù came to us in the summer of 2013 looking for a way to stand out in the crowd.

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  • Content Development

  • Digital Strategy

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design


The Challenge

Coffee Shop by Day, Jazz Venue by Night

The challenge before Kompleks Creative: translate Beyù Caffès unique culture into a strong brand identity across a variety of promotional channels, help Beyù promote four business concepts within its single storefront and increase the number of new and returning customers.


Research + Local Savvy

The beginning always seems to be the best place to start. With our goals clearly outlined, we started the Beyù project with an in-depth research initiative. The process included staff interviews, competitive analysis and careful interpretation of company analytics and past marketing tactics. 


If there’s one thing we take pride in at Kompleks, it’s having our finger on the pulse—the culture of Durham and the Triangle and how we fit into the larger scope, social media trends, and innovative technologies and techniques. Applying this to our interpretation of the research for Beyù allowed key insights to emerge which helped us develop the specific strategy for working towards the café’s goals.

Our Strategy

Customers First

Beyù Caffè already had a renowned customer service experience and we aimed to convey that strength through their online presence. Another of their strengths was the very unique culture of the café. Our strategy would include tactics for improving the user experience (UX) across the board—a sleeker, more user-friendly website and a strong digital media voice that would be both engaging and recognizable.



Visually enticing, up-to-date and sophisticated—Beyù’s new website needed to be all of these, and create an enhanced, responsive user experience. Our web design utilized carefully implemented search engine optimization (SEO), a streamlined user flow, and style to spare—reflecting the café’s personality.


One thing tends to lead to another, and following the launch of the website, we moved forward with creating updated print materials including new menus and event posters that were cohesive with the style of the website, maximizing an invaluable branding opportunity.

Making a Mark

The goal of any digital marketing is not only to increase overall reach, but to increase engagement—turning social media posts into conversations. We sought to accomplish this by revitalizing an online company identity that would mirror the brick and mortar personality—warm, welcoming and effervescent.


We crafted more engaging content for Beyù’s social media channels and developed an identifiable voice that customers would come to recognize and enjoy. We conducted professional photoshoots to capture the atmosphere, the food and the excitement of their events. We monitored reviews and engagement on social media to craft responses that would continue conversations and help turn customers into loyal brand advocates. We developed a tactical editorial calendar for posts and a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, leading to increased patronage.


The Impact

Steadily Achieving Objectives

Over a two-year period, Beyù Caffè steadily experienced an increase in sales, website traffic and Facebook community building. As a result, they moved a few storefronts down to a place of their own and Kompleks launched their Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeeding and meeting their goals. We take great pride in our role in those successes and take each new challenge as an opportunity to learn more about what works, what doesn’t and what how we can customize our services to fit any type of business need. Our experiences with Beyù were enriching for us and tangibly beneficial for their business as well.


increase in
facebook likes


website referrals from social media


more site visitors,
month to month


increase in
total sales