Joy Lackey, Graphic Designer

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Storyteller, vibe connoisseur and a lover of people. You’ll find Joy where wild imagination meets community service.


As a kid I always had a knack for using art to make clear the heart of an issue. Overtime, I’ve found purpose in using my creative magic to chronicle stories of the marginalized and amplify voices that often go unheard.

Although a Raleigh native, for college I found myself amidst Tar Heel nation. UNC-Chapel Hill introduced me to the resources and community that have pushed me to become a more thoughtful individual and critical thinker. Preparing me for a lifetime of making big ideas bite sized.

At Kompleks Creative I get to use the superpower of design to better serve people and their communities, while being apart of a team that nurtures my creative and personal growth. And I think that’s a pretty dope deal.

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