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Combining Bioethics and Science Policy

The Duke Science and Society program exists at the intersection of science and society—focusing on bioethics and science policy. The program’s website serves as a hub for prospective and current students, faculty, researchers and others in the scientific community. Kompleks Creative was tasked with redesigning their website to make it more visually appealing to their target audience as well as to create a more purposeful organization to the navigation and underlying information architecture.

Kompleks Creative wanted the website design to feel modern and energetic, and encourage exploration and engagement. Our approach to the website design involved brightening the color palette while maintaining the visual relationship to Duke University’s brand. Carefully reorganizing the wealth of information contained on the website was also a high priority. The end result is a sleek website design and a more intuitive user flow. With WordPress integration, updating the website’s content is effortless for the Science and Society team.


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