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Ensuring the Excellence of Durham Libraries

The Durham Library Foundation (DLF) develops and encourages the long-term financial health and growth of public libraries in Durham, NC. They raise money and manage investments to ensure these libraries remain vibrant and relevant. Often confused with Friends of the Durham Library and other local libraries, DLF needed marketing materials that distinguished their organization as a separate entity.

Their new visual identity needed to evoke the changing energy of their community while reminding individuals of DLF’s roots as an institution of knowledge. After researching the role of various forms of media in the library experience, we determined that books are the foundation of this experience. To signify this role in their new identity, books became the primary focus of the logo design. For the website, we developed a modern web design that appeals to a more diverse demographic. Once the logo and website were finalized, we completed a matching eblast template and annual report design that elevates DLF’s profile in the local community.

Karen Wells

“Kompleks was able to quickly tune in to our goals and needs and gave us excellent service. For our group, they are The BEST!”


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