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Advancing Community-led Action

Formerly known as Active Living by Design, Healthy Places by Design is a non-profit that helps support healthy, active lifestyles for communities around the country. After 16 years, the organization wanted to better position itself as a people-focused consulting organization and push conversations past comfort zones.

In 2014, Kompleks Creative designed their current website, so when it was time to rebrand, Healthy Places by Design reached out to us. Our team created a website design that better reflected the organization and its values. The new website had to be striking and brave, whilst maintaining a minimal look and feel. We used large images and typography, as well as bold colors to achieve the desired aesthetics. Microinteractions were also incorporated to engage users and bring attention to various elements. The client’s immediate reaction when seeing the homepage was, “I love it! I am freaking out! (Maybe squealed a little…)”

Sarah Moore

"From the creative way they interpreted our brand's colors to the interactive touches throughout, we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out!"


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