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Predicting the Future of Agriculture

As the climate changes and the population increases, we must think about sufficient and sustainable food. Durham startup Hi Fidelity Genetics is doing so by measuring and predicting plant traits to develop breeds that will prepare us for whatever the future may hold. However, their website didn’t reflect their innovation.

To expand their team and claim their space in the field of competitors, Hi Fidelity Genetics asked Kompleks Creative to produce a more strategic website design that would clearly communicate the important work they’re doing and to position them as an alternate choice for all farmers. HFG’s new web design showcases their values and vision, while highlighting the fact that they’re not a traditional agriculture company—they’re a tech company in the agriculture industry.

Natale Clark

“They truly helped bring our vision to life even better than we had imagined. They are so on top of communication and timelines, it was wonderful working with them.”


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