Jewish Life at Duke

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Creating a Home for Jewish Life on Campus

Jewish Life at Duke serves as the “home for Jewish life on campus”. The department is part of Duke University’s Division of Student Affairs and serves as a community for students to stay connected to their faith and culture, as well as to support Hebrew Studies courses. Jewish Life faculty wanted to update their brand to keep up with the evolving student culture and to appeal to today’s prospective students, parents, alumni and donors.

Kompleks Creative focused the design on the department’s culture and spirit by combining a clean, geometric aesthetic with a vibrant color palette and a timeless symbol of the Jewish faith―all while remaining faithful to the Duke brand standards. The resulting logo design is both elegant and engaging, and captures the high-energy, supportive culture that Jewish Life at Duke is all about. We also designed a full complement of print collateral including a brochure, stationary, sponsorship cards and an annual report. The new designs helped to support their marketing strategies and to help reposition their brand in a way that was more appealing to today’s students.


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