Data Visualization

Kompleks Creative’s data visualization capabilities help businesses and organizations quickly and clearly communicate information and data by presenting it in a more impactful way.

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Vice Provos for Research data visualization by Kompleks Creative.

Considering Information Design

When looking at data, most of us prefer visual elements that communicate its significance. Reformatting text into a visual context is known as data visualization. Our graphic designer can transform your data into professional graphics that incorporate animation and custom illustration, making your content easy to digest.

Combining Animation

Since its introduction, the development of animation has become an effective tool for sharing information. By providing engagement and interactivity, users are more inclined to understand challenging problems and concepts. The Kompleks team can develop rich and dynamic content as a standalone piece or incorporate it in a video and/or website development project.

Inirv React data visualization by Kompleks Creative.



Enhance recognition, build credibility and create trust by establishing a professional appearance that influences customer perception.


Digital Strategy

Attain objectives by developing and implementing action plans that expand brand awareness, increase sales and drive website traffic.


Logo Design

Achieve brand recognition by establishing an identity that is distinctive and memorable.


Web Design

Improve your web presence by creating custom and effective strategic solutions that enable you to easily perform updates through a WordPress or Drupal CMS.


Graphic Design

Advance communication by using visual elements such as typography, photography and illustration to achieve business objectives.



Solve complex problems which range from brand strategy to campaign creative direction and execution.


Data Visualization

Quickly and clearly communicate information and data by presenting it in a more impactful way.


Content Development

Accomplish strategic objectives by creating content that effectively communicates information, generates leads and tells a story.


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