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Training Made Custom

Custom Kinethics provides custom legal, regulatory, and policy compliance training for their clients’ employees. They have a unique approach and provide more than just the expected one-and-done training workshops—they also generate compliance reports for each company they work with to create customized follow-up courses that target employees’ weaker areas.

Kompleks Creative wanted to develop something unique for Custom Kinethics by incorporating illustration and animation. Their area of expertise is not the sexiest subject, so we wanted potential clients to really be impacted by their first impression of the website design. We crafted a simple, modern-looking website with some truly unique functionality, like horizontal scrolling and animated graphics. We employed a flat design aesthetic that is on-trend, yet timeless. The result is a design-forward, engaging website that is a powerful marketing tool for Custom Kinethics and easy to update via WordPress as the content management system (CMS).

Custom Kinethics web design by Kompleks Creative.

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