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Empowering College Students to Make Informed Decisions about Sexual Relations

The Community College Health Study, launched by Innovation Research and Training (iRT), aims to better understand how to provide resources and programming to enhance the sexual and relationship health of community college students. The study, funded by a grant from National Insititues of Health, provides information to help students make healthy and informed decisions about sexual relations.

In need of a clean, professional WordPress website to be the face of the study, iRT approached Kompleks Creative. To communicate the importance of health research, we developed a web design that is attention-grabbing while avoiding any corporate resemblances. Incorporating their logo colors and relevant imagery, the website design excites visitors about the study and entices them to learn more. It also evokes trust and creates a space where students feel empowered to have a voice on a serious topic while appealing to community college administrators and faculty, an important sector of their target audience.


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