Duke University Department of Radiology

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The Department of Radiology at Duke University is a best-in-class medical imaging center. They believe that their patients and employees alike deserve the best and are committed to providing the highest quality service and education possible. In order to communicate their mission and services to their various constituents, they needed a website that demonstrated their cutting-edge technology and innovation, while allowing for a superb user experience.

To get the job done, they sought Kompleks Creative. Before getting started, we performed an audit of their search engine optimization (SEO) performance to gain a clear understanding of how the existing website was being used. This assessment fueled our work on restructuring the website’s information architecture and content strategy recommendations.

To encourage users to click and explore, we used bold colors and microinteractions and reorganized the navigation to be more intuitive. We captured video footage of their center and clinicians to make the website design more enticing and tell their stories. The design of this custom WordPress theme is inspired by the rooms in which radiologists review imaging. This is the reason for the color contrast and dark aesthetic.


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