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Formerly the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB), Discover Durham strives to promote city events, businesses, and attractions, and to encourage tourism. They also works hard to promote Durham as a destination for large scale events and conventions. To that end, Discover Durham wanted a thematic way to visually represent different aspects of the city as part of their Fresh Daily campaign―a marketing strategy that would highlight new businesses and events.

With recognition such as the “Tastiest Town of the South” and “Startup Capital of the South,” Durham is constantly cranking out new ideas across a variety of areas. Discover Durham categorized these ideas into the following categories: arts and entertainment, food and drink, sports and recreation, history and heritage, innovation and technology, events and happenings, science and nature, shopping and commerce, discovery and learning, and medicine and healing.

Kompleks Creative collaborated with Discover Durham to establish a visual identity for the campaign. We created a logo design for each of the 10 categories and a style guide, which included sample ads and t-shirt designs. The logo variations for each of these areas combined design elements that were steeped in history and the symbolism associated with Durham’s already established brand, with a fun, exciting aesthetic that would be instantly engaging to their audience.

To view their Durham 150 branding project, click here.


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