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Equitable Access to Preschool Education

In an effort to expand equitable access to high-quality, publicly-funded preschool education for all children of Durham, the Child Care Services Association launched the Durham PreK program in November 2018. By providing a mix of private child care centers, Durham Public Schools and Head Start classrooms throughout the county, residents have access to income diverse learning environments for four year-olds to build confidence in their own capabilities.

In need of branding, we were asked to design a family-friendly website that would improve their outreach efforts and build demand across Durham county. Kompleks Creative opted to keep things spacious and minimal with large design elements, much like learning materials for children in pre-k. Since the logo design included a crayon, we embraced the idea of adding a crayon theme to the design. That resulted in us recreating symbols that children often draw: a sun and house.

While working on the web design, our team developed iContact newsletter templates, designed stationery and marketing collateral, and crafted a brand manual to guide the creation of future materials.


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