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Bringing Meaning to Measurement

For more than 30 years, MetaMetrics has been dedicated to making test scores more actionable by connecting assessments to instruction. With funding from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), they conducted research on reading and psychometric theory, which culminated in the creation of their flagship product, The Lexile® Framework for Reading. Today, they also offer The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics to address the wide range of student abilities in math classes.

When they approached Kompleks Creative in 2018, they were looking to modernize their company logo design, enhance their product logos and update their product icons. We immediately recognized that the 3D style of the company logo made it look dated, so we simplified the icon and replaced the font with one that was more contemporary.

The MetaMetrics product logo designs were originally black; however, they identified green with Lexile and blue with Quantile within their platform. Kompleks Creative used that as an opportunity to make things cohesive by applying color to the product logos. We also illustrated a suite of new icons to represent the products available within each framework.

Excited about the rejuvenated branding, we were also asked to redesign their business card and presentation folder.

Elizabeth Lattanzio

“I've worked with over 10 graphic designers and design firms and Kompleks is the best hands down!!! We will be going back to them again and again.”


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