Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest

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A family dentist serving North Carolina, Smile Sculptors of Wake Forest focuses on teaching patients how their teeth and gums relate to their total body health. The owner and founder came to us in a bit of a conundrum―how could they create a cohesive, memorable brand identity that would stand out among their competitors while conveying a little bit of their personality? Kompleks Creative took a little time to get to know the founder and her personal style and tastes. We also took into consideration the negative association that a lot of people have with going to the dentist.

With all this in mind, we decided to go in a somewhat unorthodox direction with a playful, modern design and sans serif typeface. Bees hold a special meaning and significance to Dr. Shanean Anderson, so she asked that we incorporate one into the logo design. If you play close attention, you will notice that the wings of the bee are teeth―clever, right?

The result was a friendly, engaging logo that reflected the spirit of the business and would go a long way towards brand awareness with their target audience. Upon completing the logo, we designed a business card, letterhead, envelope and graphics for Facebook.

Dr. Shanean Anderson

"I remember saying 'yes' as I watched the logo take form and after 4 years, I still look at it and smile."


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