William Peace University

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Building a New Inclusive Community

William Peace University is a private liberal arts college in Raleigh, NC. Before 2012, it was known as Peace College and only admitted women. In an effort to attract male students, they wanted to create an inclusive viewbook as part of their campaign strategy. The challenges at hand were that there were no male students enrolled, the public did not know about the transition and the new visual identity was not ready.

Kompleks Creative worked closely with their team on crafting a viewbook that would illustrate a new vision for a beloved institution. Our team planned and executed a photoshoot based on the needs within their copy and recruited young men within their community as stand-ins for students. The final design needed to communicate the legacy’s evolution, scholarship, creativity and an inclusive community.

Our team created a visual style that incorporated the new logo in a contemporary, modern aesthetic. Once published, the viewbook received a lot of attention. For many, this was their first time hearing of the name change and the new co-ed shift. For that reason, it was shared throughout the campus and alumni communities. This was the very first viewbook for William Peace University.


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