The Culinary Femme Collective

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Advancing Food Businesses Owned by Femmes of Color

The Culinary Femme Collective, an initiative of Communities in Partnership, works to advance food businesses owned by femmes of color dedicated to creating a more equitable and just local food economy in Durham, North Carolina. Their vision is to develop a network of femme-owned businesses focused on building equitable systems within the food industry.

In need of branding that promotes their initiative and work, the Collective asked Kompleks Creative to develop a custom logo and website. The logo design combines their initials to create an onion, a symbol of diaspora food history and cuisine. The convergence of the initials also symbolizes the Collective’s goal to create more equitable opportunities for femme individuals within the community. The custom web design serves as a digital space where individuals can learn more about the Collective and how to support their members. The new visual branding reflects their values of justice and inclusivity and helps achieve their business goal of selling products on shelves.


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