Detroit People’s Platform

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Building a More Racially Just Detroit

Detroit People’s Platform (DPP) strives to protect, maintain and empower majority Black Detroit in the face of efforts to re-engineer the nation’s largest Black city. DPP partners with community residents and leaders to transform systems that will achieve their vision of a more racially just Detroit.

DPP approached Kompleks Creative in need of a website redesign that reinforces their position as a source for tools, resources and critical analysis. We developed a custom WordPress theme that reflects their current brand identity and marries Detroit’s industrial history to the grit and resolve of DPP’s work against entities that disservice their community. To communicate their seriousness while appealing to a wide age demographic, we added grit and texture to their original brand and structured the pages in a way that invites iconography and interesting image layering.

As a call back to the “talk bubble” illustrations of their branded materials, we added small geometric talk bubbles to call-to-action blocks that represent their focus on fighting the system through action-backed dialogue. The final custom web design demonstrates their core value of centering blackness in Detroit and inspires website visitors to take action towards social and racial justice.


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