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Technology-Driven Home Runs

For Chas Pippitt, what started as a love of the game developed into a passion for sports technology and improvement techniques. Chas’s company, Baseball Rebellion, sells training equipment and provides tech-assisted baseball and softball instruction though online and in-person lessons. The idea is to rebel against traditional training and embrace data-driven sports improvement. But, because this kind of training is so cutting-edge, Baseball Rebellion needed a website design that could explain what they do and why it works, in simple terms.

Since they needed an e-commerce solution on the backend to handle payments, the Kompleks Creative team approached the web design project as we would any other service-based company. We designed a homepage that clearly communicates their offerings and added testimonials to lend credibility to an innovative company. Now, when users visit their website, it doesn’t feel like an online store. We integrated Woocommerce with WordPress to keep maintaining the website easy.

Chris Gennaro

“They were awesome to work with and did an amazing job on our website. Even after the website was done, they have continued to help me with easy (for them) questions I had.”


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