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Bridging the Classroom and the Real World

Bass Connections bridges the classroom and the real world, giving students a chance to roll up their sleeves and tackle complex societal problems alongside faculty from across Duke University. Working in interdisciplinary teams, graduate and undergraduate students collaborate with faculty on cutting-edge research that spans subjects, demographic groups and borders.

In an effort to encourage American consumers to adopt good cybersecurity practices, one project team created a booklet entitled “Cybersecurity for American Families: A 10-Step Data Security Guide for the People You Love.” Their goal was to empower readers to take action to protect their information online by delivering complex information in an unintimidating, approachable way. Kompleks Creative designed a small publication that did just that. The use of illustrations and vibrant colors made the piece lighthearted and playful. Plain language coupled with big, bold headings was used to make the booklet accessible to readers of all ages.


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