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The Durham Public Schools district is one of the top 10 largest in the state, serving more than 32,000 students in both the city and county of Durham. Offering traditional schools, magnet programs, year round calendar schools and small specialty high schools, DPS has something for every kind of learner.

Towards the end of the first year implementing their new strategic plan, the Office of Public Affairs desired a piece of collateral to share with staff and parents. Kompleks Creative was asked to design a condensed plan focusing on the five priorities. Given the vast amount of information, we opted to incorporate data visualization in lieu of bulleted lists of text. The vibrant DPS brand allowed us to have fun with the design of the folder and priority cards.

Following the completion of the strategic plan project, DPS asked Kompleks Creative to design a pocket-sized calendar of important dates for the school year. Keeping the aesthetic very similar to the priority card folder, we designed a five-panel piece that folded to the size of a business card.


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