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Gateway Building Company is a Durham-based, full service general contractor with an impressive portfolio of innovative downtown commercial construction, as well as residential construction and historic renovations. They had been around for a number of years and had worked up a respectable reputation through word-of-mouth. What they needed when they came to Kompleks Creative, was a strong visual brand identity to be the crux of their marketing strategy and digital presence to cut down on the extensive brand awareness legwork they were doing.

Our logo design was essentially a wordmark, the first initial of which could be utilized on its own as an icon. The arch of the letter ‘G’ was derived from the arch of a bridge, which usually serves as a “gateway” to cities, communities and in this case, relationships. We combined a clean, modern typeface and architectural aesthetic with a timeless color palette to create a logo that would help Gateway’s brand be memorable and become synonymous with innovative downtown design. Once the logo was complete, we designed their business card, letterhead and note card. To this day, we still get excited when we see the logo on a pickup truck, hard hat, polo shirt or signage at a construction site.

Jack Moore, Pete Zseleczky and Austin Moore

"The logo Kompleks designed was professional and our experience was positive. Working with Kompleks was easy and we highly recommend working with them."


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