Invested Realty

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A real real estate company

Owner and broker of Invested Realty, Blake Townsend, is changing the home-buying process. After two years in the real estate business, Blake decided to build his own tight-knit realty company founded on personal relationships and focused on topnotch customer service. Real estate is an investment and Blake is invested in his clients (hence the company name), so his new brand needed to reflect that.

Blake came to Kompleks Creative because he wanted his clients to be proud of the sign on their lawn. The goal was to establish a professional, credible, trustworthy identity that was consistent across the board. To start, we incorporated his loyal and friendly personality traits into his branding by choosing a warm and approachable color palette. Blake gets most of his clients through word of mouth, so we kept the style modern and minimal and let his reputation do most of the talking. The stationary is upscale, yet approachable, in order to attract Invested Realty’s target audience.


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