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Storytelling Through Photography

Immediately following the completion of his latest hip hop record, Rapper Big Pooh provided Kompleks Creative with freedom to take creative liberties on the album cover design.

Words Paint Pictures was recorded during the 2014 influx of shooting of unarmed black men across the country. What started off as a discussion between our creative director and Pooh, turned into a drawing of a teenager laying on the street. The crown on this head symbolizes two things: he could have been anyone that he wanted to be and after all of the contributions to America, black people are still being murdered.

A collaboration with music producer Nottz, the original Home Sweet Home album cover design concept was to include a photo of Pooh and Nottz in a dilapidated house. Given the free creative reigns, our creative director decided to photograph tattooed women with cigars and liquor in a 1950s Americana setting, something you would not see during that period.


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