The Black Nightingale

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Pushing for Equity and Equality in Patient Care

The Black Nightingale is a movement to raise awareness about implicit bias among healthcare workers. Named for nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale and the symbolism behind the nightingale bird, the brand identity was designed to evoke feelings of positivity, beauty and compassion.

Frankie Mac, founder of The Black Nightingale, approached Kompleks Creative for assistance designing a highly symbolic logo to advocate for women who have previously been victims of poor health outcomes due to bias. The logo design needed to convey comfort for patients in knowing that they will receive the best quality care regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status. The final product embodies these qualities, combining rich shades of purple and pink with a bold typeface to reflect the brand’s values of honor and solidarity. We also contributed podcast art for The Black Nightingale as she continues to build a platform that shines a light on equity in healthcare.

Frankie Mac

"Kompleks was extremely professional and responsive, and were able to interpret my ideas and complex personality into a beautiful piece of art. I highly recommend this company!"


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