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Showcasing the Life and Legacy of Pauli Murray

WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio, provides high-quality news, cultural and entertainment content to create a more informed and engaged statewide community. “Pauli,” a podcast series inspired by the life, work and lasting influence of Durham-raised civil rights activist Pauli Murray, explores the bravery and brilliance of a tireless hero for social justice. The podcast uses Murray’s legacy to build empathy and understanding around the challenges of today.

Kompleks Creative was tasked with producing podcast art that conveys the power, boldness and impact of this legendary–yet oftentimes unknown–figure in Black history. Inspired by Murray’s signature, the logo design emphasizes her glasses as an important element of her personal style. The cover image for each episode differs, reflecting the chapter of Murray’s life discussed during that episode. These images tell the story of Murray’s life, starting with her as a young women struggling with her identity and ending as the strong-willed scholar who fought for women’s rights and the notion of being transgender before the term existed. Once the logo and cover art were finalized, we developed social media graphics for WUNC to promote the podcast across their digital channels.

Lindsay Foster Thomas

"We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the project, but the visual elements have received as much positive attention as the audio."


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