Kompleks Creative’s branding capabilities help businesses and organizations enhance recognition, build credibility and create trust by establishing a professional appearance that influences customer perception.

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Forest History Society logo design by Kompleks Creative.

Creating Your Logo Design

Your logo serves as the face of your company, so it should be unique, memorable and timeless. Consider what you want your logo to say about you. After an exploratory conversation, the Kompleks team will create a logo that incorporates appropriate typefaces, colors and iconography. Once you have selected your favorite logo, our graphic designer will prepare the various formats and provide the Pantone, CMYK and RGB colors for later use. If you need help naming your business, initiative or product, we have you covered.

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Establishing a Graphic Design Style

Now that your logo is out of the way, you will need complementary colors and typefaces, as well as a library of graphic elements for use on marketing materials. These are included in our brand style guide along with a set of standards that direct the design of future collateral. Your brand identity will evolve as we develop the business card design, website design and/or publication design, so we seldom work on the guide before we make substantial progress on those pieces.

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Forest History Society style guide developed by Kompleks Creative.

Launching Your Web Presence

Regardless of your business objective, a professional website design is vital for positioning and credibility. By prioritizing the user experience, the Kompleks team will develop an information architecture that informs your content strategy and ensure the website is mobile-friendly and accessible. We will also suggest the appropriate CMS that fits your needs - whether it is WordPress, Drupal, Shopify or WooCommerce.

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Implementing a Digital Strategy

Your digital strategy tells the story of your brand’s culture, behavior and values, whilst driving traffic to your website. During the time that the Kompleks team is working on the website design and website development, planning for your pre- and post-launch digital strategies should occur. This includes messaging, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing.

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Enhance recognition, build credibility and create trust by establishing a professional appearance that influences customer perception.


Digital Strategy

Attain objectives by developing and implementing action plans that expand brand awareness, increase sales and drive website traffic.


Logo Design

Achieve brand recognition by establishing an identity that is distinctive and memorable.


Web Design

Improve your web presence by creating custom and effective strategic solutions that enable you to easily perform updates through a WordPress or Drupal CMS.


Graphic Design

Advance communication by using visual elements such as typography, photography and illustration to achieve business objectives.



Solve complex problems which range from brand strategy to campaign creative direction and execution.


Social Media Marketing

Engage with audiences, promote products or services and increase brand awareness.


Content Development

Accomplish strategic objectives by creating content that effectively communicates information, generates leads and tells a story.


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