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Kompleks Creative’s website design and website development capabilities help businesses and organizations improve their web presence and user experience (UX) by creating custom and effective strategic solutions that enable them to easily perform updates through a WordPress or Drupal CMS.

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Kompleks Creative team developing client sitemap.

Your Website Architecture

If your website is difficult to navigate and users struggle to find what they are looking for, you are in need of an information architecture overhaul. The information architecture is the foundation of your website and focuses on organizing content in an effective way. It includes the website navigation and informs the content strategy and website design. If we are redesigning an existing website, the Kompleks team will assess the performance of your current website, examine your current UX and conduct market research. If you are launching a new website, our recommendations will be based on findings through quantitative and qualitative research. Either way, you can count on our creative team to develop a structure that provides the means to achieve your business objectives.

Designing and Developing the UX

You are creating a website for users, so it is important that we consider them every step of the way. By keeping the UX at the forefront and prototyping the usability, the Kompleks team prioritizes the user needs, values, abilities and limitations. The user flow and accessibility to information is vital and impacts their interactions with and perceptions of your website. With that in mind, we will ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and operational on Mac and PC web browsers.

Forest History Society web design by Kompleks Creative.


Once your website is launched, you will want to make updates yourself and at your convenience. Our preferred content management system, WordPress, is often used as a blog and happens to be the most popular online publishing platform currently powering 28% of the internet. We have extensive experience in developing custom WordPress themes and even WordPress itself, has recognized our work. Although not as flexible, Drupal is an alternate open-source platform that we can integrate into your website. If you need an eCommerce solution, Shopify and WooCommerce are our go-tos and integrate with both WordPress and Drupal. All three platforms are user-friendly and will allow your team to make updates with no code writing experience. Don’t worry, the Kompleks team will provide training so you can maintain the website post-launch. We also offer maintenance plans and ongoing support options that are convenient to our clients.

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Collecting Data with Google Analytics

Prior to launch, Google Analytics will be setup to collect website performance data. Once login credentials are provided, you will be able to analyze data, create reports and identify new ways to improve business. If you desire additional website design and website development services post-launch, the Kompleks team will be happy to provide assistance. Remember, we are in it for the long-haul and are here to partner with you.

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Web Design

Improve your web presence by creating custom and effective strategic solutions that enable you to easily perform updates through a WordPress or Drupal CMS.


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