Graphic Design

Kompleks Creative’s graphic design capabilities help businesses and organizations improve their communication by using visual elements such as typography, photography and illustration to achieve their business objectives.

Forest History Society branding style guide developed by Kompleks Creative.

Marketing with a Brochure

Oftentimes, when you leave a business meeting, you prefer to leave something behind – other than your business card. That is where a brochure or booklet comes handy. This publication typically includes information about your company, photos that tell a story and graphics that reflect your brand. The Kompleks team has produced many pieces, varying in size, to help organizations communicate who they are and what they have to offer.

Designing Flyers, Posters and Invitations

Print is not dead - well, at least not yet. Many individuals, businesses and organizations still ask Kompleks to create flyer, poster and invitation designs for printing. Typically, all of these are used to promote events, but they come in handy for grassroots marketing efforts.

Beyu Caffe branding by Kompleks Creative.

Crafting Your Product Design

Many believe that a product’s packaging is as important as the product itself. The product design communicates what it can do for consumers and the values of the company. With that said, the Kompleks team can create a design that is visually appealing to your customers and sets the tone for your brand.

Sketching Custom Illustrations

Anything is possible with illustration. Whether you have an idea in your head or a rough sketch on a sheet of paper, the Kompleks team can bring your idea to fruition in a professional manner and digital format. If you want, we can even create an animationfor incorporation in a video.

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Conceptualizing Album Covers

Gone are the days when customers would run to the store to purchase an album, just to open it up to look at the artwork and read the lyrics. Today, the album cover is still important because you need an image for you iTunes and Spotify listings. As a music lover, Tobias Rose, loves the process of developing album artwork. For inspiration, he listens to the album repeatedly, even before he begins conceptualization.

Rapper Big Pooh and Nottz album design by Kompleks Creative.



Enhance recognition, build credibility and create trust by establishing a professional appearance that influences customer perception.


Digital Strategy

Attain objectives by developing and implementing action plans that expand brand awareness, increase sales and drive website traffic.


Logo Design

Achieve brand recognition by establishing an identity that is distinctive and memorable.


Web Design

Improve your web presence by creating custom and effective strategic solutions that enable you to easily perform updates through a WordPress or Drupal CMS.


Graphic Design

Advance communication by using visual elements such as typography, photography and illustration to achieve business objectives.



Solve complex problems which range from brand strategy to campaign creative direction and execution.


Social Media Marketing

Engage with audiences, promote products or services and increase brand awareness.


Content Development

Accomplish strategic objectives by creating content that effectively communicates information, generates leads and tells a story.


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